Accounting & Bookkeeping for Self-Employed Workers

Whether you are a doctor, a real estate broker, a consultant, a construction contractor or any other type of self-employed worker, Montreal Comptable can help you reduce your tax burden!

  • Preparation of the income tax return for individual entrepreneurs (T1)
  • Tax planning
  • Tax minimization and tax relief

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Accounting Solutions for Self-Employed Workers

Montreal Comptable handles the accounting, tax and bookkeeping needs of self-employed individuals in the greater Montreal area.
Montreal Comptable offers accounting services for consultants and self-employed individuals in the Montreal area. We are well trained to work with the latest software to manage financial statements, records and bookkeeping for self-employed individuals.
When we handle financial and accounting matters for the self-employed, they have more time to focus on their clients and their practice rather than spending their valuable time crunching numbers. We understand that self-employed individuals are very busy and that their work is critical, especially in the context of a pandemic.
We ensure that our team is up to date with all the laws and regulations that can maximize your return, for example, income splitting opportunities with your spouse, etc.
We offer a wide range of accounting and consulting services to both experienced and start-up professionals. In addition to providing regular services, we can help provide the administrative support you need to run your small business efficiently and profitably.
With the latest developments in accounting software, we use the best systems to provide you with the best service possible.

Our Bookkeeping Services

Managing the accounting and bookkeeping of your business is essential for all self-employed individuals.
Good bookkeeping will help you create financial reports that will allow you to plan and make informed decisions for the future.
Organizing your books will also help your business ensure that every invoice is sent out on time, that your accounts receivable do not go unpaid, and that you pay your credit card bills.

Benefits of Working with Us

If you decide to join the services of Montreal Comptable, you will be guaranteed :

We Serve Self-Employed Workers & Independent Contractors in the Greater Montreal Area

Montreal Comptable provides accounting services, including bookkeeping and tax preparation, to independent contractors in a variety of industries, including information technology, construction, real estate and management consulting.

While working as a contractor offers a myriad of benefits, we understand that managing the accounting for your business can be difficult and complex. Our extensive knowledge and experience with both novice and seasoned self-employed individuals allows us to provide practical advice to help you maximize the profitability and efficiency of your contracting services.

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